Metal Warriors is a 1995 action platformer video game developed by LucasArts and published by Konami for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game bears some similarities to the game Cybernator, and is often confused for a sequel to that game by many people, as both were published by Konami. The game received a release only in America.

The game is set in the year 2102, and the player assumes the role of Lt Stone. Metal Warriors is about the United government in the year 2102 being under siege from Dark Axis led by the leader Venkar Amon. The few remaining warriors defending Earth are known as the Metal Warriors. After successfully completing a few missions in space (rescuing a pilot, gathering intelligence, defending a ship and capturing a mining facility) the United government disables an anti-spacecraft cannon in Alaska in order to safely begin removing Axis forces from Earth. Missions on Earth include: assaulting a facility in the jungle, fighting through bombed-out cities and capturing subterranean mining facilities. Finally, the player confronts Amon and defeats him in a battle between fully mobile flying armored suits.

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